White Label

Central Production Unit

Your Partner in White Label Excellence

As the backbone of our restaurant group, we are now extending our CPU facilities and culinary expertise to businesses looking to expand their product offerings through white label solutions.

Our Services Include:

  • Tasty and consistent Middle Eastern & North African ingredients and dishes.
  • Rigorous quality control and compliance
  • Flexible production runs
  • A variety of packaging options


Why Partner with Us?

Culinary Expertise

Our team in our CPU have  years of experience in preparing & producing a range of Middle Eastern & North African ingredients and dishes which have supported our restaurants, bringing a wealth of culinary expertise to every product we create.

Scalability Made Easy

Our central production unit is designed for efficiency and scalability, capable of meeting demands both large and small without compromising on quality.



Our Central Production Unit can be your behind-the-scenes partner. Our commitment to excellence ensures that the products we produce under your label are destined to delight your guests.