Beatrice Lafon

Beatrice Lafon

Non-Executive Chairman

Beatrice has operated at CEO level for nearly 20 years and as a non-executive director for 6 years. She has an outstanding record in the launch, turnaround and profitable development of major retail businesses in the UK, Europe and the USA. Previously a non-executive director of Pizza Express and SuperDry, she chairs a number of businesses in the UK and Europe, including Crosstown.

Nick Ayerst

Nick Ayerst

Chief Executive Officer

Nick has more than 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and was previously Managing Director of LEON, a leading UK healthy fast-food chain, where he updated LEON’s operational model, investing in technology and increasing efficiencies and to develop growth strategies including LEON’s Drive-Thru model and franchising partnerships.

Nick is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the Group.

Image of Tony Kitous

Tony Kitous

Founder and Creative Director

Tony opened his first restaurant 23 years ago and has been widely recognised for making Lebanese and Middle Eastern food accessible on the high street within the UK. Tony has featured on various television shows explaining and demonstrating his passion for Lebanese and Middle Eastern food. Tony has released several cookbooks in the UK and internationally. Tony is responsible for all design and creative aspects of the Group.


image of Jean-Michel Orieux

Jean-Michel Orieux

Non-Executive Director

Jean-Michel has deep expertise in the consumer and hospitality sectors. He was formerly CEO of Ping Pong, where he formulated and implemented a turnaround and brand strategy to drive international expansion. He became CEO of Paul UK and USA in 2013 before joining the Board in 2018. As CEO, he led the Argyll Club through a review of its core proposition, strategy and performance.