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About Us

For the love of food. 

Comptoir Group is a dynamic, bold and innovative hospitality company committed to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Lebanon.

With a passion for our food, and a focus on quality ingredients, our restaurants offer an authentic taste of the region’s diverse and vibrant cuisine. We are dedicated to providing outstanding guest hospitality by creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that inspires guests to return time and time again. At Comptoir Group we are driven by a desire to share our love of our delicious food with the wider world.

Founder Tony Kitous’ relationship with food began under his mum’s influence. The eldest of seven children, his mum - like many Arabic mothers of the time - would spend six hours a day in the kitchen. He still has strong memories of the fisherman who used to visit in his little truck and sell them fresh sardines, which his mother would either stuff or marinate.

It was a holiday to London when Tony was 18 that really fired his imagination and his passion to make something of himself. He probably didn’t realise at the time, but this ‘holiday’ was to last 26 years! He loved London and knew that this is where he wanted to live, but also knew that he'd need to work hard to survive. Living in a squat, he managed to find work in restaurants. But the 18 hour days didn’t feel like work as he was driven by his love of food and hospitality. It certainly paid off, by the age of 22 Tony had opened his first restaurant in Wigmore Street called Levant.



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Company Milestones

From the opening of our first restaurant in 2008, our listing on AIM in 2016 to the opening of new franchise restaurants in Stansted and Qatar airports in 2022.